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Stadium Video Surveillance

Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance solution



Stadium events are one of the most crowded community events. If tens of thousands of people gather at a place at the same time, the security risk is constantly high. Dangerous situations such as riots, fights, arson, bottle throwing, property damages, bombings or shootings are always prone to happen. Therefore the prevention of incidents and fast reaction are the key to ensuring the safety of the spectators, staff and players. The Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance solution was designed specifically with these challenges in mind.



The aim is to provide a safer environment in stadiums. The system helps prevent the escalation of violent incidents by providing high-definition footage of all seats at the same time. Making use of Logipix features, security staff is able to handle incidents quickly, effectively and appropriately. Thanks to the solution they can also provide irrefutable video evidence for authorities.

Hardware & Software components


Features & functions

  • Stitched panoramic images with hundreds of megapixels resolution
  • Face recognition at every seat in stadium
  • Multi-zoom function on the panoramic image
  • PTZ camera control on the panoramic image
  • PTZ Bookmarks
  • JPEG2000 image compression
  • Stadium event management
  • Match Operation Center

Face recognition at every seat with panoramic images

Several 20 MP Logipix ONE camera images are stitched together, creating virtual panoramic views to cover the entire stadium with less images. Stitching is not visible to the naked eye so faces appear without distortion. The Virtual Panoramas provide 20 FPS and hundreds of megapixel resolution making face recognition possible in even the largest stadiums. Operators can orientate sectors much easier on these large panoramic images and locate any suspicious or dangerous behavior fast and easy. As every face is clearly visible on the security footage, these can be used as irrefutable evidences for authorities.


The stitching technology

The images of the individual cameras do not simply overlap during the stitching procedure, but are geometrically transformed at the image borders to provide accurate pixel alignment at the stitching lines. The cameras take their images synchronized so moving objects are not duplicated at the image borders. The Logipix Control Center allows for white balance correction that smoothen the color gradient between the stitched images. As a result, operators can work with panoramic images where there are no hidden or redundant areas and they seem like a single image.


Zoom functions on the panoramic images

Although the Logipix Virtual Panorama consists of several images of individual cameras that are stitched together, operators can work with the Virtual Panoramas as if they provided single images. The operators can use multiple zoom windows on a monitor profile that are associated with the panoramic image. Using the zoom windows, they can zoom in on any part of the panoramic image, and observe the situation in more detail while being able to pay attention to the whole monitored area, as the panoramic image is still visible. Operators can also move around these zoomed areas and track the movements of suspicious individuals.


More details with the Logipix PTZ

Operators can continuously scan the various sectors of the stadium with the Logipix 6 MP PTZ cameras. They can control the PTZ cameras interactively with a special control function on the associated panoramic image by selecting a target area. Operators can move the PTZ also by using mouse controlled joystick emulation or simple clicking on the image of the PTZ camera. More visual information of an incident means more effective action to manage the situation.


PTZ Bookmarks

It is widely known that there are certain sectors in a stadium more prone to outbreaks of violence. These potential threat areas can be marked and saved as PTZ positions, and a specific function helps accelerating the navigation between these zones.


Storage effective event management

Control Center allows for dual configuration of the cameras in the stadium. One setup can be used during the events and another with lower quality settings for general monitoring right after the event is over.

Archive search

The Logipix Control Center allows for versatile archive search functions. Both archive and live images can be observed in the Video Monitor at the same time. For instance, the cause of an outburst situation can be investigated on the video monitor on the panoramic image, while the real-time situation still can be seen by the PTZ cameras.


Match Operation Center

The Match Operation Center, the so-called MOC is a centralized monitoring room, that is installed when multiple stadiums use the Logipix system all over the city or the country. From that monitoring room all the stadiums are remotely accessible and fully manageable.

The main advantages

Covering the entire seating area with less, high-resolution images – The Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance solution uses the high-resolution Virtual Panorama to cover every seat in the stadium.

Every faces are recognizable – The Virtual Panorama deliver 200-320 MP images that allow for face recognition at every single seat in the stadium. The additional 6MP PTZ cameras further extend the available resolution by their optical zoom capabilities.

Flexible camera structures – As the Logipix Virtual Panorama consists of individual cameras, the system can be tailored to different stadiums in any sizes. The Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance solution can grow with the stadium in case of future developments.

Easy PTZ control – Logipix developed a unique PTZ control function. Operators can use the image of the Virtual Panorama to guide the PTZ simply by selecting the area of interest on the panoramic image.

Fast reaction in case of an incident – In case of any disorderly conduct, the archive recording can be examined frame-by-frame instantly and the security staff can take the necessary measures immediately.

Fast and reliable recording – The Network Video Recorders of the solution provide a 7 Gbit/sec recording speed and use a VRM fail-safe file system for storing the images.

Storage effective operation – There is the possibility of configuring the system to operate with high FPS and high resolution during an event, but with moderate settings for in-between events.



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