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Violation Management Client

Violation Management Client

Focusing on efficiency

Logipix engineers developed an easy-to-use software specifically to help managing automatically created traffic violation packages. The Violation Management Client (VMC) allows for a quick and easy evaluation and confirmation process. With its user-friendly software interface it facilitates operator decision-making processes. The VMC software ensures the smooth handling of even daily ten thousand traffic citations at each workstation.

Simple interface

The automatically created traffic violation packages are queuing in the system and the Violation Management Server distributes them among the workstations. The VMC software displays the most relevant, automatically selected frames of the whole violation footage and crops of the license plates of the violating vehicles in the image. This procedure is automatic. Operators only have to manually check the ANPR and vehicle data, and decide whether there was a real violation or not. Thanks to the transparent software interface they can perform this process in seconds.

Smart features

Operators can make seven different decisions with a captured case. Each decision type has its own button on the interface. Beside the automatically detected main violation the program allows for adding further violation types manually, for example seat belt or headlights violation.

Different authorization levels

The Violation Management Client differentiates operator and supervisor user levels. Alongside the main violation management tasks, a supervisor has rights to define additional violation types in the software and to track violation history.

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