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Features and Functions

CONTROL CENTER Server Features and Functions


The basis of LOGIPIX System is an SQL server, which stores all the data of the system in a database. It manages the database and serves the server and client applications. Stepping one layer above, different modules of the Control Center server use the services of the database server. Segmentation of the Control Center server provides clear management and usage for each modules.


Your last system configuration is always in safe Servers and client applications of LOGIPIX stores their data in a database file. This file contains all the information concerning to the system. The Firebird Administrator server performs daily database backup, therefore recovery is ensured in case of a database damage.

Handling authority levels

The Authentication server identifies the system users by a centralized user database, moreover it handles LOGIPIX server and client application authority based on client keys.

Automatic functions for greater comfort

Application server performs automatic tasks, such as triggering automatic database backup and performing automatic imports and exports for external systems. There is possibility to send prepared exports automatically by E-mail.

Every event has a trace

LOGIPIX IP based devices are creating logs of every events, generated on them. The duty of Log server is to query and process log data from the devices periodically. The period of the query can be adjusted. This module performs the synchronization of the system time and the controller time. In case of successful log query, logs will be deleted from the devices, and queried data will be saved.

Once system configuration is ready, it must be uploaded

Task of the Configuration server is to create and upload a configuration file based on the database and verify the uploaded device configuration. Configuration upload can be performed manually or automatically in a daily period.

Multiple Control Center Clients without additional load on the network

Video Proxy Server application can be used in a system built with our standard multi-megapixel cameras to optimize network bandwidth. Thus it allows to run multiple Control Center Clients simultaneously in a single system, without overloading the network. A system which contains our leading edge LOGIPIX ONE cameras is another cup of tea, because of the enormous data that they generate. In this case the server application is not enough, a dedicated hardware must fill the role of the video proxy.

Managing video downloads

Automatic video downloads may increasingly facilitate system management and also help optimizing network bandwidth by smartly timing the process. The duties of Video download manager server are exactly these.

Guiding the route of all events

Online event manager server divides the events between client applications. If it is installed, devices send the events only to the event manager server, than it transmits them to the client applications.

To know employees' work time

Work Time server performs automatic or manual wok time calculation based on the entry and exit data in LOGIPIX Access Control System. All access data, belonging to the controllers should be processed by the Log server for work time calculation.

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