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Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance client

The software, based on the worktime registry master data and logged events, prepares the printed and electronic lists that will furnish a basis for payroll calculation.

Fast and Reliable Identification

By using proximity cards, employees can quickly and easily be identified, and entrances will bear bigger loads. This solution will need less entry gates, reducing therefore the costs of the development of the worktime registry system.

Flexible Handling of Entitlement

The system can handle up to 255 entitlements for entering and exiting, which makes user requirements completely satisfiable.

Display of Balance Time

Employees working in flexible working time may track their working time balance on the display of the registering terminal.

Immediate Data Supply

Information on employees may be enquired in any optional time.

Chance for Revision

Data regarding the worktime of employees (absence, overtime, etc) can be revised by direct managers.

Data export

There is an opportunity to export data into text files or into .csv format.

Possibility to Connect to the Payroll System

The system is able to create database easily and can be directly processed. This function requires individual personalization without exception.

Possibility to Connect to Corporate Management System SAP, Oracle)

Master data from the corporate management system can be imported automatically to the worktime registry system. This function requires individual personalization without exception.

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