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LOGIPIX Virtual Panorama

Virtual Panorama Camera System

Logipix offers optional panorama camera structures consisting of several individual high-resolution Logipix cameras. Their images are stitched together in the Logipix Control Center software to create a panoramic view.

This unique feature has been developed by Logipix engineers specially for our Stadium Video Surveillance System, but it can be utilized in a wide range of applications where large-scale areas have to be observed. Large panoramic images ensure an expanded view where there are no hidden or redundant areas, providing a high-quality security footage of the whole monitored area. Several hundred megapixels of visual information provides a resolution which is suitable for face recognition even at a large distance. As the system consists of individual cameras, the structure of the whole system is excessively flexible. It can easily expand and can be restructured, if needed.

The Logipix Control Center software can combine the images of up to 10 Logipix cameras to achieve a hundreds of megapixels resolution. The software is able to display three of these 200 MP panoramic pictures simultaneously.

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