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LOGIPIX Panorama Cameras

LOGIPIX Panorama Camera Family

Logipix offers two end-to-end video security surveillance solutions for monitoring wide areas. One way to have large panoramic images is through installing a Virtual Panorama that consists of individual high-resolution 20 MP Logipix cameras. Their images are stitched together by a special software application to create a panoramic view. Another way is to use Panorama cameras. The Panorama cameras can be easily installed and cover wide areas from a single viewpoint in 200 MP resolution.

The multi-sensor camera meets the requirements of extreme environments. The camera can be equipped with the proper thermal control solutions, so it can operate even in extremely low or high temperatures and severe weather. The Panorama camera could also be equipped with a cleaning system that makes maintenance more cost-effective.

The individual images are geometrically transformed, not simply stitched together. This image synchronization results in a picture where there are no glitches or duplication of objects, while white balance correction smoothens the color gradient between the images of individual sensors.
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