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Application fields

Logipix One 20 MP Application fields

Logipix ONE was designed to satisfy several complex tasks in the world of video surveillance.

Huge crowds in urban spaces

The device is ideal for monitoring huge areas where a large number of people gather together. It does not matter if lighting conditions are changing , the 1ʺ sensor camera can capture stunning, sharp, realistic images. Minute details can be seen on the images so face recognition is possible even at a far distance. In modern urban spaces, such as airports, stadiums or concert venues, maintaining security is always a challenge. Thanks to the abilities of Logipix ONE, these areas may be safer than before.


More accurate VCA, less workload on operators

Logipix ONE creates a high frame rate video stream at a high resolution, therefore object tracking and video content analysis can be more accurate. The camera makes VCA systems so reliable that close to zero errors appear during automated violation detection.


Sharp details

Capturing for instance license plates at a busy junction or on the highway is an easy task for Logipix ONE, regardless of the time of day. The camera offers sharp and detailed images even in extreme lighting conditions and situations.

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