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Logipix 15

Logipix 15 MP

Product Profile

The second generation of the Logipix 15 MP IP camera family provides detailed and sharp images thanks to their 4608(H) x 3264(V) multi-megapixel CMOS sensors. Digitizing this large amount of data is ensured by the self-developed MPX15 signal processor, which provides 5 FPS refresh rate at maximum resolution. The Logipix 15 MP camera uses the JPEG2000 standard for video stream compression. It has been developed especially for high-resolution pictures, with scalability being one of its main features. As a result, lower resolution pictures can be transmitted to the monitoring system which are suitable for monitor resolution, while the original high-resolution video stream is stored on the network video recorder.

Another bandwidth-effective feature of the Logipix 15 MP Camera family is the Logi-zoom function. With this feature a selected part of the picture can be viewed in the Control Center at high resolution for more details. The rest of the picture remains at low resolution for a higher refresh speed.

The camera provides perfectly detailed images with its built-in backlight compensation even in unfavorable lighting conditions. This function can be used for the whole picture or even for a part.

The devices of the Logipix 15 MP Camera family have a built-in motion detection function. It is very reliable and makes precise operation possible because it is working with the uncompressed, high-quality pictures stored on the Logipix Network Video Recorder.

The power supply of the cameras can be provided by a LPoE (Low Power over Ethernet) router, which is integrated into the LNVR.

  • Part number: LPIX15-01
  • Application field: Multi-megapixel IP camera for indoor or normal light
  • Resolution: 4608(H) x 3264(V)
  • Frame rate: 5 fps @ 15 MP, 13 fps @ 3.8 MP, 30 fps @ 1 MP
  • Video compression: JPEG2000 - Wavelet
  • Image sensor: ½-inch color 15 Megapixel CMOS
  • Scanning system: Progressive, no interlaced scanning
  • Shutter type: Electronic rolling shutter (ERS)
  • Shutter speed: 1/10 – 1/1 000 000 s, 1/1 s low shutter mode, blur or noise priority
  • Sensitivity: 0.2 lux F1.4
  • Gain control: Fix, auto, blur or noise priority
  • Backlight compensation: Whole picture or any area selectable
  • Lens: Standard C/CS mount DC auto/manual iris lens
  • In/outputs: 2 programmable in- or outputs
  • Sound in/output (Optional): Built-in microphone, external 24 kHz / 16bit
  • Intelligent: Integrated motion detection
  • Ethernet: 100 Mbit / Low Voltage Power over Ethernet (LPoE)

  • Operating temperature: -10 °C to + 50 °C (14 °F to +122 °F)
  • Storage temperature: -10 °C to + 70 °C (14 °F to +158 °F)
  • Supplied voltage: LPoE or 10-24 V DC
  • Power consumption:  6.2 W

  • Dimensions: 61 x 53 x 53 mm without lens
  • Weight: 250g

  • Logipix Network Video Recorder - LNVR
  • LNVR Rack-mount versions for 16 cameras with 4/8/20 HDDs (LNVR-16-8-R / 16-20-R)
  • LNVR Metal enclosure versions for 16 cameras with 4/8 HDDs (LNVR-16-4-B / 16-8-B)
  • Ethernet Repeater: two port LPoE switch for extending the recorder-camera distance up to 300m

For technical specification please find the data sheet of the product. >>Download

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