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Proximity card readers

Proximity card readers

A reader suitable for scanning proximity cards may be connected to the controller. We manufacture proximity card readers MIFARE Plus. The reader signs to the user the reading of the card with a sound or a flash signal, and also the case of refusal of trespass by the controller for any reasons. The distance between the reader and the controller may be several 10 metres, thus the controller can be established with comfort. 

The reader device, mountable on the out wall, with its aesthetic design and discreet colours, offers a solution that can be used even in delicate interiors. In the case of the middle range scanner, the driver electronics is separate, thus the antenna may even be used in the exterior. The long range reader is also appropriate for indoor and outdoor enrolling alike. The reader mountable in asphalt enables the identification of the car.

Even identifier devices disposing of Wiegand outputs (card readers, bar code scanners, fingerprint scanner, etc.) may be connected to SK03 and SC01 controllers.

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