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Hardware Components

Hardware components of Access Cotrol system

Our access control system uses proximity cards to identify users. We give an overview of our hardware components below.

Use SK03 IP controller and SComplex

  • for turnstiles
  • for attendance register
  • for guest card collector
  • for special functions

This device can operate the inward and outward proximity scanners of an entry point. It can control bi-directional barriers and swivel rowlocks. Two PIN terminals and/or worktime terminals, door opener button can be connected to it. It can store up to 10,000 user data, 30,000 events. Connected with a fire-alarm device it can open the doors for the fire-alarm’s signal.

Use SK03-08 controller

  • for large number of indoor access points
  • for environment with electrical interference
  • for large distance between controller and card reader (80 - 1200 meters)

The SK03-08 controller can serve up to 8 bus scanner online. The bus card scanner contains a 6 amperes relay, outputs and inputs. In conservation area and in office environment the relay serves for opening the door. In case the relay integrated in the card scanner is out of service, an SE02-16 relay enhancer may be used for this purpose. The card scanner is also available in a PIN terminal manufacture.

For structuring the SC485 network, CAT5 cables must be used. The distance between two scanners must be less than 1000 metres. In case distances allow it, power supplying the scanners might also be solved via the CAT5 cables. For the power supply of the locks a separate power supply network has to be established.

A reader suitable for scanning proximity cards may be connected to the controller. We manufacture proximity card readers of MIFARE PLUS.

The reader device, mountable on the out wall, with its aesthetic design and discreet colours, offers a solution that can be used even in delicate interiors. In the case of the middle range scanner, the driver electronics is separate, thus the antenna may even be used in the exterior. The long range reader is also appropriate for indoor and outdoor enrolling alike.

The reader mountable in asphalt enables the identification of the car. Even identifier devices disposing of Wiegand outputs (card readers, bar code scanners, fingerprint scanner, etc.) may be connected to SK03 and SC01 controllers.

Mifare and Indala card readers for IP Controller

  • M05-03+
  • I10-03

Mifare SC485 card reader for SK03-08 IP Controller

  • M05-08+

Hotel switch for SK03-08 IP Controller    

  • M056-B08

PIN terminal for IP Controller

By using this terminal the trespass may be subject to the submission of a PIN code. It is also available in vandal secure external design.

Worktime terminal

Unit connected to the controller provided with an LCD display suitable for displaying pushbutton and text information. This enrolling system, by entering the entering and exiting causes on the terminal, is employable for worktime registering and collecting worktime according to cost sections.

A target hardware that runs a specific software. It is used for global anti-passback function between controllers. Having an area several entries and exits, the anti-passback controller synchronises the operation of the controllers.

SComplex SComplex

  • Dimension: 320 x 320 x 130 mm
  • Weight: 6,7 kg + 3,4 kg battery
  • Supply voltage: 230V AC +/-10%
  • Power Consumption: max. 100 W
  • Battery capacity: 12Ah
  • Operating temperature: +10 C - + 50C



  • Dimension: 295 x 295 x 78 mm
  • Supply voltage: 230V AC +/- 10%
  • Power Consumption: max. 40W
  • Output Voltage: regulated +13.6V
  • Output Current: max. 2A
  • Battery capacity: 7.2Ah
  • Operating temperature: 0 C - + 50C



  • Dimension: 295 x 295 x 78 mm
  • Supply voltage: 230V AC +/- 10%
  • Power Consumption: max. 40W
  • Output Voltage: regulated +13.6V
  • Output Current: max. 5A
  • Battery capacity: 7.2Ah
  • Operating temperature: 0 C - + 50C

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