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Perimeter intrusion detection

Perimeter intrusion detection


Device: Logipix ONE 200 MP Panorama camera 40°

Goal: Covering a wide area by panoramic image at a green border. Automatic detection of the suspects.


  • 1st suspect: 300 m
  • 2nd suspect: 1000 m
  • 3rd suspect: 2700 m

Outcome: Accurate, automatic VCA based detection of all suspects in all distances.

Weather condition: Autumn, sunny and windy day

Main features and functions

  • Automatic VCA detection of intruders
  • Integration with 3rd -party PID systems
  • Automatic motion tracking
  • Informative labels beside the moving objects
  • ePTZ functions
  • Capture Camera function
  • Multi-level alarms of intrusions
  • Accurate detection under all lighting conditions
  • Providing irrefutable visual evidence

Logipix provides complex perimeter security systems in different structures that are essential parts of our Airport, Border and Critical Infrastructure Video Surveillance solutions. The intruder detection can rely on either the Logipix VCA, or PID systems or on both at the same time. The individual Logipix cameras can be arranged along the perimeter fence, or Logipix Panoramas and also single cameras can be implemented further away to face with the perimeter line and monitor larger areas.


Device: Logipix ONE 200 MP Panorama camera

Goal: Covering a wide area by panoramic image at a perimeter. Automatic detection of the suspects.

Weather: Sunny and windy (90 km/h)

Distances: 500 m

Outcome: Accurate, automatic VCA based detection. 



VCA-based detection with High-end Panorama and individual cameras

The Logipix 200 MP Panorama camera is able to cover an immense section of the perimeter area from a single view point. The Logipix Panorama delivers a resolution that is suitable to automatically detect individuals by VCA even from a 3 km distance. The Logipix VCA relies on a Multidimensional Gaussian Background Model in order to continuously adapt to the background and help avoid false alarms usually generated by the moving parts of the background objects.

If the environment requires, there is also possibility to use individual 20 MP cameras to monitor the perimeter. The Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras can be arranged in a structure all along the perimeter area to provide a full coverage. There is the possibility of having automatic tours to scan through the entire environment where the VCA can detect any illegal activity.

Computer vision makes the observation more effective. Logipix VCA automatically detects any intruder within the monitored area and track its motion. The system is able to define the position of the object within the images and display informational labels beside that move together with the objects. This way operators can see the current distance and GPS coordinates of the intruder.

Logipix VCA can also trigger physical PTZ cameras to find targets within the area that is covered by the Logipix Panorama. Cooperating with the VCA, the PTZ can automatically find and track the target.

Integration with PID systems

The system is able to receive the alarm signals of 3rd-party Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems which can be used as trigger signals for the Logipix cameras. The system utilize these triggers to run the ePTZ function on the panoramic images and to automatically control PTZ cameras. Thanks to the automatic zoom functions both Panorama and PTZ cameras are able to deliver fine details of the alarmed areas in no time.

Logipix ePTZ function

Logipix ePTZ works as an automatic zoom function. Areas can be defined within the panoramic image and for configured trigger events the defined areas appear on the monitor profiles in special zoom windows. The ePTZ function can be triggered both by VCA and PID alarm signals.

Logipix Capture Camera function

The Capture Camera function guides the attention of operators. It displays an event grid in the Video Monitor wherein automatically triggered events appear. The VCA or PID sensors connected to the system can trigger the event. Operators can explore, acknowledge or reject these alarms by a single click. In case of exploring, a popup camera window appears which shows a related archive loop of the event.

Multi-level alarms

Different parts of the monitored areas can provide alarms with different severity levels in case of a detected movement. This function helps operators to make preparations and only react to actual incidents that leads to a more efficient prevention.

See under all lighting conditions

As the Logipix system includes high performance IR Laser Flashes that are synchronized with our cameras, Logipix is able see under all lighting conditions, no matter if there is pitch-black darkness in the monitored area.

Related solutions

  • Device: Logipix ONE 200 MP Panorama camera without any illumination.
  • Goal: Covering a wide area by panoramic image at a green border. Automatic detection of the suspects.
  • Distances: 300 m
  • Weather condition: Autumn night, cloudy, new moon
  • Outcome: Accurate, automatic VCA based detection of all suspects in all distances.

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