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New Development

Logipix Airport Video Monitoring solution

Our new end-to-end system has arrived. Logipix released the Airport Video Monitoring solution that is intended to ensure an effectively controlled and secured environment at airports.

Logipix ONE 200 MP Panorama camera with wiper – white design

Logipix released a new design for the 200 MP Panorama camera, which is not only about the appearance, but a necessary and effective engineering concept. The new white colored Panorama was designed to operate reliably in exceedingly hot and sunny environments.

Logipix IR Laser Flash 500W

Logipix engineers developed a new IR Laser Flash that can overcome special difficulties in night traffic monitoring.

Logipix NVR 3rd generation

Logipix is proud to announce the new generation of NVRs that were specially designed to record the images of the Logipix ONE cameras. As these cameras provide 20-200 MP resolution images at 20 FPS, the NVRs have to face with a real challenge, namely to reliably record this huge amount of data.

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