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Application Areas


Logipix provides a solution that helps to secure any environment in any industry. Our high-end video surveillance systems are always tailored to your special needs, so you can get the most efficient solutions. Thanks to the video quality of the Logipix camera family, all footage prove to be irrefutable evidences for authorities.


Monitoring tens of thousands of people simultaneously; helping to prevent violent incidents and ensure the safety of the spectators, staff and football players.



Monitoring streets and roads; helping to ensure the safety of the citizens and traffic in contemporary urban environments; creating irrefutable evidences for court.



Monitoring whole airports; helping to maintain a secure environment and prevent accidents or any kind of criminal activity; making fast reaction possible in case of emergency situations.



24/7 monitoring in high-resolution regardless of the time of day; seamless data transmission over even low bandwidth networks.



Helping to prevent possible internal threats, capture unauthorized intrusion, and protect assets and data.



Helping to prevent possible internal theft, capture cheaters and ensure safety and seamless cash flow with the most reliable IP-based surveillance system.



Automatically detecting and capturing traffic violations; creating irrefutable evidences for local authorities; precise traffic counting.



Monitoring all areas 24/7 to ensure a safe environment for employees, clients and their valuable assets.



Video surveillance helping to prevent shop-lifting or any form of violent crime and internal threats; providing irrefutable video evidences if needed.

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