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Border Surveillance

Logipix Border Surveillance solution

Border security challenges

There are many contemporary issues that nowadays nations have to face at borders. To protect country borders is paramount in order to stop illegal crossings, human trafficking and smuggling. 

Border sections where terrain allows crossing for humans or vehicles may extended for long kilometers. This makes it extremely difficult to efficiently monitor and protect these areas. Fences or walls can be built along the borders, but they are usually ineffective by themselves. PID systems sometimes generate accidental false alarms and also illegal individuals can trick those systems by triggering alarms intentionally to distract the attention of all patrol units.

Logipix recognized the need of a technological innovation in this field and developed an end-to-end surveillance solution to effectively monitor borders and connected large-scale areas.

The aim of the Logipix Border Surveillance solution

The Logipix Border Surveillance solution was designed to provide a high-resolution virtual wall consisting of the 200 MP images of high-end Panorama cameras. Owing to specially developed pioneer technologies, Logipix is able to automatically detect illegal activities regardless of the lighting and environmental conditions. It also helps guide patrol units to the exact spot where real threats arise.

Hardware & software components

  • Logipix ONE 200 MP Panorama camera
  • 3rd-party Thermal PTZ camera
  • 3rd-party 3D Microwave Radar
  • Logipix 6 MP PTZ camera
  • 3rd-party IR Laser illuminator
  • Logipix Network Video Recorders
  • Logipix Control Center client and server software

Features & functions

  • 200 MP stitched panoramic images
  • Panorama synchronization and white balance correction
  • Thermal images
  • Video Content Analysis
  • Multiple target tracking
  • Continuous target localization
  • Integration with PID systems
  • ePTZ function
  • PTZ Auto-tracking
  • Unique PTZ control functions
  • On-site recording
  • Self-maintenance

Monitoring with Panorama cameras

Logipix developed a high-end Panorama camera with 200 MP resolution. Sixteen pieces of camera-lens combinations are placed in a massive, resistant camera housing. The individual images are merged by a unique stitching technology, that does not just simply overlap the images but geometrically merges them together at the image borders. All built-in cameras of the Logipix Panorama take their images synchronized. As a result of the synchronized images there are no duplication or missing objects in the image stream. This way operators always know the exact number of illegal individuals within the monitored area. 

The resolution allows for the effective monitoring of an 6 km2 area and also automatic detection of individuals even from a 3 km distance. A few Panorama camera can be arranged in a structure that can cover long kilometers of a border section and its surrounding areas. They also provide better spatial awareness for operators in areas that are usually lack of well distinguishable landmarks.

The Logipix Panoramas have excellent low-light performance and delivers wide dynamic range images. They can be also completed with 3rd-party, continuous light IR Laser illuminators, which means they can operate effectively even in complete darkness.

Target detection and localization

In order to detect targets effectively within a monitored area, operators cannot rely only on the high-resolution images. Logipix therefore developed an accurate VCA based detection method. It relies on a Multidimensional Gaussian Background Model that continuously adapts to the background, this way it helps avoid any false alarms usually generated by the moving parts of the landscape, eg. plants blown by the wind. 

The VCA accurately detects individuals within the monitored area even if they are kilometers away. It is also capable of multiple target tracking in a single panoramic image. Thanks to the ePTZ function the detected individual appears in a configured zoom window as well. The ePTZ function can be triggered by PID alarm signals as well. 

Even if operators see something suspicious in the live images, exact localization can be really difficult at natural border areas. Logipix developed a feature that provides continuous, real-time GPS-coordinates and distance information of the detected objects. This way operators can effectively guide patrol units to targets.

PTZ and Thermal cameras in the system

Integrated PTZ cameras are important components of the system. Utilizing the resolution and optical capabilities of the 6 MP PTZ cameras, operators can get fine details of objects at far distances. Owing to the built-in IR Laser illuminators the cameras are able to deliver useful visual information of individuals at nighttime as well. The PTZ cameras automatically find the targets as they can be triggered to turn to the exact direction where alarm comes from. Both the PID system and the VCA can trigger the PTZs. Thanks to the PTZ auto-tracking function operators never lose sight of illegal individuals. 

Thermal cameras can act as the Logipix PTZs in the system. In addition they can see in complete darkness, smoke and fog without any artificial illumination and provide accurate alarm verification. 








3D Microwave Radar

The Logipix Border Surveillance solution is completed with 3rd-party 3D Microwave radars that continuously monitor the border area making illegal border crossing detection more effective. They are configured to provide pre-alarms if an object that seems suspicious enters their range.


The Logipix Panorama and the 6 MP PTZ camera housings are equipped with automatic self-cleaning systems. They consist of wipers and washers that deliver the cleaning liquid from a water tank to the front glasses of the housings. These hardware features are essential at border areas as on the one hand they make maintenance convenient and easy, and on the other they significantly reduce costs. 


On-site recording

In order to avoid the need of a hundreds of kilometers long fiber optic infrastructure, Logipix created the possibility of on-site recording. In case of a huge amount of visual data, recording cannot rely on general NVRs. The 3rd generation of Logipix NVRs are specially designed to record and store the 200 MP resolution, 20 FPS video stream of the Panorama camera. They can be installed in special weather- and vandal-proof, outdoor rack cabinets with integrated thermal management to operate on-site.

The main advantages

  • End-to-end solution – Logipix provides a complex solution consisting of high-end IP cameras, Network Video Recorders and a specially developed VMS.
  • Full coverage along immense border sections – A few Panorama cameras are able to fully cover long kilometers of border sections with high resolution.
  • Automated monitoring – The Logipix Control Center is developed to automatically guide the attention of operators to spots where threats arise.
  • Automatic detection from kilometers away – The system accurately detect illegal border crossings. Humans can be detected even from 3 kilometers away.
  • Multiple target tracking and localization – Once targets have been detected they can be tracked either by the ePTZ function or the auto-tracking function of the PTZ cameras. Current GPS coordinates of targets are continuously displayed, so border patrol units can easily find them on the field.
  • Alarm verification – Operators can accurately filter false alarms, even if they are accidental in nature or caused by the act of sabotage.
  • Effective operation under all lighting conditions – Illegal crossings are more frequent under difficult visibility conditions. Thanks to IR Laser illuminators and Thermal PTZ cameras, operators can see in complete darkness, fog and smoke. 
  • Operation in extreme weather conditions – All components of the Logipix Border Surveillance solution are built to resist extreme cold, hot and other environmental conditions.

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